‘Europe and America have gone mad’

For those who have big sticks, it seems necessary for them to be waved in belligerent manner.

For those who possess the biggest stick of all, it seems sufficient to simply let that be known.

Hence why Russia does not need to threaten the west with the use of its powerful nuclear/conventional weapon systems but the west feels that talk of ‘decapitation strikes’ is somehow going to unnerve Russia – or would be any solution to the problems faced by the west as a consequence of such action.

Well, we did not start it, but we have the power to stop it.

Sergey Lavrov (Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs) spoke in an interview with TASS – ‘Europe and America have gone mad

It is simply not sufficient for me to talk about this particular situation – and there are a lot of things I could say – nor is it sufficient to simply point to reports of that interview. But I must repeat here one of those reports, verbatim. This is a News Front article…

Europe and America have gone mad

29.12.2022 18:31

Sergey Lavrov spoke in an interview with TASS about threats coming from Washington to the Russian leadership: decapitation strike, preventive nuclear strike and so on

Source photo: politobzor.net

Lavrov, being a diplomat of the classical school, naturally thinks this crosses the line. Indeed, throughout human history, the persona not only of a country’s leader but also of a military leader has been regarded as inviolable. Unless, of course, he was fighting in the thick of the battle on a par with the soldiers. Even in that case he would be treated with respect and courtesy if captured.

Diplomats enjoyed absolute immunity. And even if a diplomat was too obviously working for the secret services, he could be politely declared persona non grata and deported. But each such case was a serious event, not an assembly line as it is now.

There has been a total degradation in international relations – and who made it so? Certainly the Americans. It didn’t start in recent years, of course, but much earlier. When the US supported the coup in Chile. When the CIA made attempts on Fidel Castro’s life for years and summarily executed the wounded Che Guevara (a lot like the behaviour of modern Ukrainian militants, isn’t it?). When Saddam Hussein was hanged during the American occupation of Iraq and Muammar Gaddafi was brutally tortured during the NATO operation in Libya.

And of course, the lawless trial in The Hague of Slobodan Milosevic and other Serb leaders is a common settling of scores, a mockery of the very idea of justice, a wicked and despicable parody of the Nuremberg Tribunal.

So we know who brought the current state of international relations almost to Hobbesian “war of all against all”. And we know why they did it: to make themselves look like the only and infallible judge and arbiter of the world’s chaos.

Well, we did not start it, but we have the power to stop it. If the US and its satellites understand only the language of force, then we must be strong. If they consider themselves the embodiment of morality, we must constantly explain in a language and means available to them the bloodiness, duplicity and cruelty of Western civilization. If they are quite officially committed to the collapse of Russia, we must support all those who advocate the collapse of the United States. And so on.

And most importantly, unlike their destructive and deadly agenda, we must have our own – creative and vital. So that every middle-aged Negro, whether he’s from Kenya or Alabama, if you wake him up at night and ask him “What does Russia want?”, he could answer “So that no one would meddle in other people’s affairs, that no one would impose their values, that marriage would be the union of a man and a woman, and that people would live the way their ancestors bequeathed them”.

I am sure that the majority is with us, and even in those countries that we now rightly call unfriendly. They are simply crushed by total, deafening and stultifying gay propaganda, Russophobic propaganda and pro-American propaganda. I am sure that if the European Union turned off the TV and mainstream internet media for at least a week or two, Europeans would be able to come to their senses and start asking their authorities the very obvious questions: why are you quarrelling with Russia over nothing? Why are you supporting the Nazis in Ukraine? Why do you want to quarrel with China, which is on the opposite side of the Earth and can do you no harm?

Why is everything getting more expensive and unemployment is on the rise? Are you really ready to destroy the whole world in a nuclear conflagration for the sake of those who will hide in a bunker in Washington?

The questions are many, but there is no one to ask them. And as a result, the so-called German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock, the same one who promised to do everything for Ukraine even against the interests of German voters, utters the following: “We have to be very clear: There can be no normal relations with this Russia. Let us have no illusions: we are living in a different reality. That is why the task should be to strengthen our common security against Russia on a permanent basis”.

Just compare the tone of the speech of our main diplomat and the yapping on their part. Berbock basically does not understand what the job of a foreign minister is: to build relations, not to destroy them.

This Europe and this America have gone crazy. But we are well aware that they will not bring others to us from outer space. So we must strengthen our borders, our economy and our culture and wait until they get wise. And if their madness becomes dangerous – well, we will have to treat them. But we should clearly understand that it will not be easy and simple in the next years or even decades anyway.

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