Co-operation not Confrontation

The idea for this post was originally to be about land rights, worked around the recent Diggers 2012 issue as blogged by George Monbiot in The Promised Land, but I got to thinking about co-operation not confrontation, although I am sure there will be more of the latter in the arena of land rights battles.  This... Continue Reading →

Repost: Cold, wet, rainy day

This is a repost of something I first published on my Meanderings blog on 25 May 2012. It has been a cold, wet day here today up here in North Central Victoria.  Seems like we have had a month's worth of rain.  Not much can be done on days like this. I did take the... Continue Reading →


I studiously avoided any connection with social networking until just a few months before I started this blog but once I started a Facebook page, it became irresistible to record my views, thoughts and opinions as status updates.  I found this practice both rewarding and internally liberating.  I finally had an outlet for my unresolved need to... Continue Reading →

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