"An anti-Western bloc of unprecedented power is emerging." Why the slogan "We support Russia" is rapidly gaining popularity in different countries of the world. ...and, just as an aside, when China gets its act together and starts to assert more positively (that means 'actively') its sovereignty over Taiwan, I will also stand with China.

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The War – As At March 16, 2023

I have to hand it to Simplicius. This is the most comprehensive and thorough examination of current trends in the global conflict centred on what used to be Ukraine today. While I would dearly like to share it in full here, I want to take nothing from the hard work he has put into this... Continue Reading →

It Does No Harm To Repeat The Known – Especially When So Few People Have Any Real ‘Knowing’ Of It

'There Can Be Only One', the central meme of 'The Highlander' movie and Tv series of the previous century, was my second choice for a title of this piece and carried the extension, '...every other contender loses their head', with the obvious result of being taken out of the contest for ever. That is, whether... Continue Reading →

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