“Life insurer refuses to cover vaccine death” – “…an experimental vaccination resulting in death is like suicide”

I totally agree. People who take a COVID vaccination should know the facts - otherwise they are classified fools, and in the insurance world (just as in law) ignorance is no excuse. And only a fool or an ignoramus would knowingly take an experimental vaccination which from the beginning of its distribution program and still... Continue Reading →

No Longer Asking, Demanding

I had to smile when I saw this... 'US, NATO ready to continue reciprocal dialogue with Russia - US State Department' - TASS Whatever it is the psychos of the west are on, their feet are not touching the ground. They have lost any and grasp of reality they may have previously, with limp wristed... Continue Reading →

A Watershed Moment For Syria

I try to write about the most important current developments in our crazy world. The Welcoming of Syria into the Chinese BRI initiative is one of those. It signals the end of the road, a now crumbling and no longer viable, unnecessary and unwanted road, for the corrupting and destructive western influence in West Asia.... Continue Reading →

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