Content To Watch On As Russian Strategic Brilliance Demolishes Ukraine Capacity For War and Western Stupidity Destroys European And US Economies

I have not spoken much recently on the demolition of Ukraine by Russia, and the West (plus Ukraine) entirely by themselves. The fog of war (necessary Russian military tactical secrecy) and the smog of propaganda (a western exclusive cloud of BS) generally make it necessary (or at least wise) to wait for concrete news -... Continue Reading →

The Longer-Lasting Story

I had to choose today between any number of stories on the war against Russia and the looming effects of the war against Russia. My choice arose because I have given up spending a lot of time in the search, preparation and execution of such stories. The war will unfold and end in the way... Continue Reading →

Russia Saved the West From Disaster 77 Years Ago – The West Kicked Russia in the Teeth – Russia Will Not Allow That to Occur Again

Russia will never forget.... May 9, 1945 'A military parade was held in Moscow in honor of the 77th anniversary of the Great Victory' - Readovka ...and I will never forget too. Less than two months before that date, I came into the world. And so, for as long as I live, Russia's Victory Day... Continue Reading →

Russia’s Battle Plan in Ukraine – In Case There is Any Doubt… Plus New Movement in the East

Russia is removing Ukrainian combat capabilities off the battlefield faster than the Ukraine and its allies can replace or regenerate it. It may appear to some that Russia is taking far too long to achieve its planned goals in Ukraine - assuming that those with such thoughts even have a clear outline of what Russia's... Continue Reading →

Sixty Nine Years On, We See It Now

I found this image on The Automatic Earth. It contains all that I need to say for today. The Mid-twentieth Century - the end of the age of great thinkers. Great 'western' thinkers anyway. It repeats an excerpt from the 1953 book by Bertrand Russell, titled - 'The Impact of Science on Society'. He was... Continue Reading →

2022 – The Grand Finality

The current conflict in Ukraine was needed by only one of the two major world military-economic blocs. The fault rests entirely with the western bloc. The west created conditions which Russia was forced to answer with a military intervention. This was a fatal error for the west, which had finally seen the writing on the... Continue Reading →

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