"An anti-Western bloc of unprecedented power is emerging." Why the slogan "We support Russia" is rapidly gaining popularity in different countries of the world. ...and, just as an aside, when China gets its act together and starts to assert more positively (that means 'actively') its sovereignty over Taiwan, I will also stand with China.

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Ukraine? It’s All Over

I am refraining from commentary on the day-to-day theatrics which comprise the back and forth of ground movements in Ukraine and, leaving aside the human cost of all that - because it no longer makes any sense to discuss it outside of war crimes hearings. Also setting aside the fact that I may be going... Continue Reading →

Russia Needs To Give Someone A Good Spanking

Toronto based international criminal lawyer, Christopher Black, talks around why that need exists, here... 'Britain At War-Provoking The Consequences' - NEO - May 26, 2023 A great and timely piece. An example needs to be made of one of the offending nations, both as a warning and also acting as a deterrent. And perhaps the... Continue Reading →

Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

We in the west live in a shoddy world of intrigue, deception, lies, hostility and suspicion. There is little in which to trust and nothing is what it seems. Little wonder then that there is a pervasive wave of illnesses, some never encountered before, and especially mental disorders, among western peoples. This quite naturally culminates... Continue Reading →

An Unfinished Task

One reason why the world is in the shape it is today, not the main reason but a contributing and convenient factor to the shaping of the world situation, is the unfinished task of defeating Nazism and Fascism - so often linked together but not quite the same thing. Seventy Eight years ago, beginning May... Continue Reading →

Correcting a Historical Anomaly

It has been at least 12 days since I even considered working my keyboard to express views here. I have not found anything worth talking about in that time. That's not strictly true since I have been working on something which is not yet complete and which would also win me no friends if it... Continue Reading →

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