Reunification Is The Name Of The Game

...and it will now become a matter of some urgency, as China-US relations sour beyond recuperation. Wiser heads prevailed, and despite the sneering and the self-aggrandised trumpeting of the likes of Andrei Martyanov - who becomes ever more obnoxious in my view as time goes by - the game is not yet over. In fact... Continue Reading →

Important News on the Liberation of Ukraine

I have, since the commencement of the Russian Special Operation in Ukraine and even further back to the 2014 US organised coup there which led to the declaration of independence by the two Donbass republics of DPR and LPR, maintained that the only peaceful resolution of the disgraceful US intrusion into Eastern Europe affairs and... Continue Reading →

‘Fully Prepared For Any Eventuality’

China, having given warnings to the US over recent weeks on the (said to be) planned visit of Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan, is now in a state of 'yanzhen yidai' - 'fully prepared for any eventuality' - the latest warning now being... Action is the most powerful languageWu Qian, spokesperson for the Defense Ministry -... Continue Reading →

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