A Single Moment in the Liberation of Mariupol

I want to feature here a video of a Chechen soldier recalling a single event he experienced while fighting the Nazi animals (there is no better description of them, although it somehow unfairly denigrates animals of a different nature) holed up there. You will find this story also on the blogs of Andrei Martyanov with... Continue Reading →

Australia’s Prime Minister is a Fool

...and not just a fool, an utter fool. A dangerous and desperate utter fool. OK. He can draw red lines wherever he wishes to draw red lines. That's what fools do. They apparently get some sort of satisfaction from doing that (there being other examples throughout westernism as precedents for this). It is one way... Continue Reading →

Breathing the Free Air of Liberty After the Suffocating Effects of Western ‘Diplomacy’

"It is obvious that the collective West’ attempts to hinder the natural course of history, to solve its problems at the expense of others are doomed. Today's world has several centers of decision-making, it is multipolar. We see how dynamically Asian, African and Latin American countries develop. Everyone has a real freedom of choice, including... Continue Reading →

Movements of Historical Significance

James O’Neill, an Australian-based former Barrister at Law, who writes exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”, has penned a fine piece covering the major issue of the day and which I have been focusing on for some time now. 'The Looming New World Order Challenges United States Power' - James O'Neill for NEO There... Continue Reading →

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