Memories Begin Again Today

You will have no apologies from me. These four people have given the world so much joy and pleasure over the years.It is fitting that we recognise and acknowledge that.And it is good to hear them again with fresh songs and vital lyrics, filled now with compelling, mature thoughts. Welcome back, ABBA. ...even if we... Continue Reading →

Having Painted Yourself Into A Corner….

"Hype of ‘new Quad’ reflects India’s guilty conscience as an accomplice to threaten peace" - By Long Xingchun - Published: Sep 02, 2021 for Global Times Illustration: Liu Rui/GT Have you ever seen a better image of painting yourself into a corner?   This shared GT post is Illustrated by: Liu Rui/GT - whose glowing work has... Continue Reading →

Taliban Gifted Alladin’s Cave

Life's fortunes have turned a new page for the Taliban.  Time for a party. A helicopter displaying a Taliban flag fly above of supporters gathered to celebrate the US withdrawal of all its troops out of Afghanistan, in Kandahar on September 1, 2021 following the Taliban’s military takeover of the country. Taliban JAVED TANVEER /... Continue Reading →

Timed To Perfection

Doors slam shut for the US. Afghanistan, while being the latest closed chapter of history for them, is in no way the last. But are the Americans capable of recognising those things as meaningful events? Do they even question why such things occur, or do they simply make up their own falsified account of events... Continue Reading →

Aussie Truckies Blockade Latest

So, what's happening with the Aussie Truckies Blockade, said to be stopping the nation.  Well, to be honest, not very much.  Some isolated actions have been seen but not the coordinated stoppage that was envisioned I think. But... and it is a big BUT... the goalposts have been moved by the Queensland government to delay... Continue Reading →

Is Your COVID Vaccine Aging You Prematurely?

A disturbing article published in the French Newsletter FranceSoir (in the French language, naturally) poses and discusses the title question. The authors are listed in the piece - a citizens panel apparently - and their medical status is not given. However, a great many published medical papers are referenced (with links) and I have no... Continue Reading →

More Deception Than Distraction?

It is fitting that the United States is led at this moment in time by a staggering corpse of a leader who more than adequately represents the state of the nation and the seeking-but-never-quite-made-it-to-empire he leads.  An established empire has no enemies - until it begins to disintegrate internally.  But the US has always recognised... Continue Reading →

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