A G20 Balanced Report – Lavrov Style

You now have opportunity to view, naturally in Russian, with English sub-titles, perhaps the only finely balanced report from the first day of the G20 gathering for 2022, in the form of a press briefing. The report is by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Sergey Lavrov - perhaps one of the... Continue Reading →

Breaking Down the Figures…

In my previous post today... https://notsomethingelse.com/2022/11/15/newsflash-world-population-hits-8-billion-today/ ...I mentioned there are some interesting possibilities emerging from the news that we have already reached a global human population of 8 Billion souls. Let's start with the simple things. Like, why now? ...and, what does it mean that this milestone has been reached earlier than previously forecast? ...and,... Continue Reading →

Three Escobaran Tales

I don't have too much time just now, so I am not going to say much. But I do have some interesting reading for your Sunday, or whenever. The bubbly exuberance of Mr Pepe Escobar, a well researched and respected writer on all things geopolitical, is never far from the surface of his writings, and... Continue Reading →

Viva Maduro!

Well, it seems COP27 is at least good for something. The acknowledgment of the legitimacy of President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, if nothing else. I share this teleSUR post, not only as an acknowledgment of Maduro's effective project to return emigre citizens back to their Venezuelan homeland, which I am sure has further endeared him... Continue Reading →

The Only Thing To Be Done…

I have remained silent for some days on anything to do with the conflict in Ukraine, for the simple reason that it has not been clear, or predictable, what might happen there. There is of course no threat of nuclear war, let's discount that particular furphy at the start. Although when you are dealing with... Continue Reading →

Australia, Showing Signs of Life

There is still some life left in Australia. Something of the anti-colonial spirit. Something of the great 'Eureka' fighting attitude against oppressive and constrictive government. Not to mention, poorly advised, ill-fittingly aligned, and weakly led government (and I am not just talking about the current one). All I want to do today is to show... Continue Reading →

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