It’s… Well, It’s Really Just The Absolute Inevitability Of It All…

Sharing a most revealing exposition (Hope and Vision in the Face of Collapse – The 4th R of Deep Adaptation)... with lines of enquiry that I have personally long awaited. The time is now. Get real... Dr Jem Bendell is a Professor of Sustainability Leadership and Founder of the Institute for Leadership and Sustainability (IFLAS)... Continue Reading →

Reasons to Hate America: ‘Despicable’, ‘Inhuman’, and so much more…

"Given this information, it appears that crop fires are part of Washington’s next phase of economic warfare/terrorism (in addition to the existing harsh sanctions), being imposed on war-ravaged Syrians who have courageously fought against western-supported global terrorism, within their borders for over eight years." - Sarah Abed A fine new piece by Sarah Abed, plumbing... Continue Reading →

Speaking My Mind

Pretty much everything I write here and elsewhere, is designed to make people aware that the world we have now, the kind of society we have grown to know, the ongoing progressive advancement of our cultural, scientific and technological achievements, leading us to a better world in which everyone can share and enjoy the benefits... Continue Reading →

Something That Naturally Follows

There is a corollary to this (something that naturally follows), and it is this: Grandma's descendants today would not have a hope of surviving the next Great Depression (coming soon to a nation near you). Because their supply chain is anything but local, and they know how to do stuff-all. You see, great depressions are... Continue Reading →

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