Speaking My Mind

Pretty much everything I write here and elsewhere, is designed to make people aware that the world we have now, the kind of society we have grown to know, the ongoing progressive advancement of our cultural, scientific and technological achievements, leading us to a better world in which everyone can share and enjoy the benefits of our endeavours (or somebody’s endeavours, foresight, organisational skills and wealth), are merely temporary illusions subject to change and decay, simply because of the basis on which they have been built.

Further, the purpose behind the things I write, is to hopefully make it clear that there can be no such thing as endless progress, endless growth, endless achievement, endless wealth, even endless debt.  All of which are again simply temporary illusions (except for endless debt, which is just a fools paradise).

I have no personal viewpoint that through my writing about these things anything is going to change about the way other people generally perceive the situation. Anything, that is, until the change and decay in the man-made world around us becomes indisputable or blindingly obvious.  And even then there will be those that will argue all of that can be overcome by human ingenuity or the decay itself is only a temporary setback to progress.

That people broadly do not perceive these things to be a problem requiring thought or attention, or that there is any sort of necessity for us to call a halt to progress or to change anything about the way we live as a society, is a dilemma.

There is no readily available or foreseeable answer to this dilemma.  Even though a growing number of people, many of them either disillusioned insiders or some kind of fringe-dweller, on a mission to promote some idea or other that will be the magic cure, if only everybody would see it and get on board, it’s not going to happen.  I have long realised that is the case.  The development of humanity doesn’t work that way.  It never has.

Oh, yes, I know there have been past revolutions of thought and deed that have sought to alter the way things are in some particular part of the world, and finding out that the revolutionary changes they were able to make, actually resulted in nothing lasting or even turned out to be much like what they had intended them to be.  There has never been, and I doubt there ever will be, a worldwide awakening that will join everyone’s hands in common purpose to solve a problem that is unsolvable by any other means.  By any other means at our disposal, at any rate.

Oh yes, I am sure there will be proposals from already rich and powerful organisations with solutions that would do the trick in their estimation or in their publicly declared position, when in reality their only abiding interest is to make more money and to prolong the current state of affairs or to turn those things to be even more in their favour, for as long as they can.  They are very good at doing that.  They have been practicing those tactics for several decades already, if not longer, quite successfully.

And so, what’s the answer?  And is it worth my while continuing to try to raise awareness in this way?

Well, whether it is worth my while or not, in terms of personal satisfaction nothing more, to keep on telling the story as I have been for a few years now, I will most likely continue to do so.  Though I confess to getting tired, weary, and increasingly saddened by the prospects of those things that I see unfolding for the generations now coming to maturity, those that are still embryonic and those as yet unthought of.  Still I expect that I will continue to try to tell it as I see it, as best I can, while I can.

The Answer?  Well, there is none.  At least not until the current world build has been destroyed, and a time of rebuilding commences.  That will be the time for the ideas of the fringe-dwellers and the disillusioned experts, if such remain, to come to the fore.  Otherwise it will be a case of starting from scratch and digging up past knowledge, just as we have done (perhaps with a little help), and as probably those bygone civilisations that came before us also needed to do.

There is not a single shred of hope that by thought or deed mankind can collectively change their world from what it has become to something better and hopefully more lasting and workable to the benefit of all nature, without such an upheaval as will be necessary to do away with all things both visible and invisible, which together form human culture and society today.  Not a single shred of hope.  There is ample evidence though that we can, intentionally or otherwise, make things much worse.

So, let’s look forward to, and perhaps lend a helping hand (for what that’s worth) to bringing on that breaking down period, before it makes a future rebuild all but impossible.

The only effective way that I know of to bring the current system down, is to shun it.  The system needs you and your input for its very survival.

Aarrgh!  Forget the previous two paragraphs.  I was just reverting to the sort of wishful thinking that I have been trying to dispel with this post.  A classical example of what will never work.  Forget it.  Well, you could do it if it makes you happy.  Better to do something than sit around moping about the situation.  But do it if you must, knowing that it will make not the slightest difference to the outcome.  It will take forces much more powerful than we can now or at any time in the past, generate by our own efforts, individually or collectively.  Our only hope is to rely on natural forces and the limiting factors of physical existence to come into play on our behalf or, more appropriately, to preserve nature.

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  1. It’s not possible to shun it all. It has us in its power. But I shun as much as I can. There’s a bit of satisfaction in that.

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