A Lesson in True Democracy, From Xi Jinping

President Xi Jinping, leader of the People's Republic of China, the most populous nation on Earth and perhaps the nation state most closely representative of true democracy on the planet, addresses the subject earlier this month. If people only knew how China is actually governed, they would realise the truth of that statement. Oh, I'm... Continue Reading →

Dancing the Fandango at the NATO-Nazi Ball

'Dancing the Fandango at the NATO-Nazi Ball'? - there must be a song title in there somewhere (Note: It's how they began - but don't tell anyone, it's probably hush-hush). Watch out!  The world's biggest Totalitarians are up and about with an Anti-Totalitarian (WTF??) message aimed at all gumptionless gawpers and all who would need... Continue Reading →

Democracy Is, As Democracy Does

Photo taken on May 28, 2020 shows a view of the Tian'anmen Square in Beijing, capital of China. (Xinhua/Xing Guangli) "Xinhua Commentary: Chinese democracy deserves being well understood" - XinhuaNet If the United States can refer to its own system of government as being a 'democracy' - though to many observers that would be a... Continue Reading →

Sayings of Wit and Sagacity

I'm always on the lookout for genuine, rolled gold, diamond studded, platinum embossed, sayings of wit or sagacity - preferably both - with which to enrich and illuminate my mind and, hopefully, yours.  I came across such a one today, in the article I share below.  Perhaps there are more than one.  Let's see how... Continue Reading →

Democracy, On The Nose

OK, I know this article comes from the Iranian news agency FARS, which may for some Westeners not be a source they would normally turn to for information (though I personally find it to be usually well thought out and sourced, and also level-headed - not glammed up or distorted, as Western news tends to... Continue Reading →

Millennial Disengagement

"Have millennials given up on democracy?" Asks The Guardian Photo credit:  Young people demonstrate in Lyon against a new labour code they called ‘an unprecedented offensive against the young’.  Photograph: Konrad K/Sipa/Rex Shutterstock "...young adults are deeply sceptical about democracy". They should be. Except that perhaps the system they are basing that opinion on is... Continue Reading →

2014, The Year Everything Changes

"It's The System, Stupid!" - US Ex-President, Bill Clinton It is the system.  The system is corrupt and bears us (you and me) no good will.  The system must go. Democracy is dead.  Overpowered, overcome and taken over by Corporate lobbyists, Corporate greed and Corporate money. Well, actually, democracy is not quite dead but has... Continue Reading →

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