Dancing the Fandango at the NATO-Nazi Ball

‘Dancing the Fandango at the NATO-Nazi Ball’? – there must be a song title in there somewhere (Note: It’s how they began – but don’t tell anyone, it’s probably hush-hush).

Watch out!  The world’s biggest Totalitarians are up and about with an Anti-Totalitarian (WTF??) message aimed at all gumptionless gawpers and all who would need little persuasion that stupidity is actually truth.  Or as Christopher Black puts it… 

“Their conferences reveal them for what they are, black shirts with the smiles of sharks. Mac the Knife is back in town. Be warned. Be prepared.”

Quote from article linked below

A “Copenhagen Summit for Democracy” ???  They obviously have little understanding as to what is a ‘Summit’.   Little chance therefore, that they know anything about ‘Democracy’.  They do however, know quite a lot about ‘Totalitarianism’.

I will say no more.  My job (self-imposed) is simply to bring to you this opportunity for awareness, if such is necessary.

“The Copenhagen Summit for Democracy: A Review” – Christopher Black for Strategic Culture Foundation

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