Nothing Makes Sense Any More

Nothing in this world makes any sense any more.   The chief concern of global authorities, governments, and indeed many people has been redirected onto a minor new illness that will kill perhaps a few hundred thousands of people or even eventually maybe a million or so while interupting economic growth for maybe only a short... Continue Reading →


No, I'm not going loony and my Caps Lock key is not stuck in the down position. The title is for effect only. I have not written much lately. Mainly because too much has already been written about what is the latest 'crisis' confronting humanity, and much of that is just guesswork. The result of... Continue Reading →

Monsanto, Going Down

This post inspired by: Monsanto to Cut 2,600 Jobs as World Rejects its Products and Practices Well, the plan, and a whole lot of effort by activists, seems to be working. Monsanto is going down.  I won't be cheering though.  Not until the receivers move in and shut the whole disgraceful outfit down, for ever.... Continue Reading →

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