Nothing Makes Sense Any More

Nothing in this world makes any sense any more.  

The chief concern of global authorities, governments, and indeed many people has been redirected onto a minor new illness that will kill perhaps a few hundred thousands of people or even eventually maybe a million or so while interupting economic growth for maybe only a short while – calibrated in months rather than years.

Everyone has all but forgotten the major problem facing mankind.  A problem that has the potential to kill people in the millions if not billions over what will seem like a never-ending (in terms of human lifetimes) hell of disastrous climate extremes that is sure to end all economic activity the world over – never to be recovered.

Has everyone gone mad?

And then there is, on top of all that – and most likely preceding the worst of catastrophic climate effects – a financial collapse of all monetrary based structures built by man over the past centuries in a crazed fandango of get rich quick schemes  that simulate the inflation of flimsy balloons, all destined to burst round about now.  The fallout from that will also produce countless deaths and multiple miseries for any who don’t die and can’t evolve to live with the new state of things it will leave in its wake.   

And we are totally absorbed by a passing (perhaps recurring) second-rate illness?   Well, some of us of course need to be somewhat concerned.  But enough to forget all the bigger problems that face us?

Nothing in this world makes any sense any more.  

“Flagship UN study shows accelerating climate change on land, sea and in the atmosphere” – UN News – March 10, 2020

I am embedding the primary video from this report in the hope that this at least may be seen, but I urge readers to read the whole report.

Incidentally, the second video in this UN report from last month contains a lie hidden in a platitudinal statement,with a blatant attempt to throw unwarranted accusations and demands on less developed nations while diverting attention from the real culprits – the developed nations.  It is not true, other than by means of crooked accounting, that developed nations are bringing their greeenhouse gas emissions down.  On the contrary, these same nations continue to grow their emissions faster than ever.  Their clever ‘offsetting’ tricks don’t fool anybody.  Nothing has changed in that regard.  We are still on a path to self-imposed climate doom. The report also includes a statement from WMO Secretary-General Petteri Taalas, who says (and this is true) – “Given that greenhouse gas levels continue to increase, the warming will continue.”

Nothing in this world makes any sense any more. 

Are we all completely mad? 

The real world has not stopped because of COVID-19.

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