“There’s No Sorting It All Out”

Yesterday, actually only a few hours ago, I wrote in my last post – “Nothing in this world makes any sense any more“.

Today, just a few hours later, James Howard Kunstler publishes his latest blog post: “Flight Path”
…with statements like – “There’s no sorting it all out, and the uncertainty itself is intolerable“.

Well, I guess this is how it feels when living through the end of an epoch of misuse and abuse of everything in sight for purely selfish reasons.  When everything we thought was stable and permanent, crumbles down all around us and a general realisation of what we have done dawns on foggy minds.  It’s what happens when those blurred images solidify into brutal reality, as they surely will, with an urgency and demand that we confront the new altered state head on, that counts.

The world will still go on.  Will we?

Will a better world ensue?  Will any kind of world, with humans in it, follow?  Will any of those traumatised people still foolishly believe that there is any form of god running the show, or any intelligence at all in the universe that actually has the capacity to care about what went on here?  Or are we the sole engineers of our own demise?

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