Waiting For The Corpse To Hit The Ground

“Myanmar is Moving Closer to China” – Dmitry Bokarev, exclusively for New Eastern Outlook (NEO)

First let me say that while I have occasionally referenced or shared articles from NEO, I haven’t paid perhaps the attention to that Journal site that maybe I should have.  We who are dedicated to presenting alternative* views of world events (alternative to the mainstream news and commentary that is) tend to have our favourite sources which, over time, may not always provide glimpses into all the important and changing stories of the moment.  A fresh viewpoint is always welcome and I may dip into the NEO stream more often now.

* ‘Alternative’ in this context, does not mean ‘fake’. On the contrary, it is something that presents a more open, honest, broad spectrum viewpoint than any – and I mean ‘any’ – regular source of important news. Untainted by external bias or influence of any kind.

All I have to say on this story is that Myanmar and the whole Rohingya thing was a typical propanganda exercise engineered specifically by the West to falsely discredit a popular leader they knew they were losing to Chinese influence and to provide a potential inroad for the sort of illegal military aggression and regime overthrow they are so well known for. 

By now they should know that just will not work any more. 

The West is dead.  It just hasn’t fallen over yet.  

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