G7 – No Longer Fit For Purpose

The once powerful G7 group of nations, which the Martin Jacques Global Times article linked below reminds us, a mere generation ago could boast of controlling two thirds of the global economy but today is reduced to only one third, epitomising the decline in global influence and authority of Western nations in the intervening years.... Continue Reading →

76th Anniversary of Victory Day – May 9, 2021

Russia celebrates WWII Victory Day with traditional grand military parade in Moscow (FULL VIDEO) - RT WWII Victory Day Parade in Moscow, Russia, May 9, 2021. © Evgeny Biyatov / Sputnik OK, I know this was last weekend, but I am up for a little self-indulgence in sharing this important Russian commemoration celebrating the Soviet... Continue Reading →

Australia, The Wayward Child

These days I try to only post on items of high importance in my view.  It doesn't always turn out that way but that is the intention because, well, we live in very dangerous times, as many will find (and many have already found), by surprise, to their great cost.  But these are times where... Continue Reading →

Of Hearts and Heads

A cry from the human heart. "A Coup in the Corporate Head" - Tessa Lena, from Tessa Fights Robots ...and while I...  No. I am going to hold back from making my frequently used personal disclaimer.  There is not enough in this to claim disagreement with, and I wholeheartedly claim affinity with the 'heart' of... Continue Reading →

Prelude To War

I wrote a couple of days ago that we should expect and look for 2021 to be a year defined by war. I want to expand on that here because I feel that is now somewhat inevitable. Everything I read recently points to a disaster in the making. And it has to be now. Why?... Continue Reading →

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