What is so special about October 15, 2021?

I honestly do not know, but the date has raised a lot of fuss online.

The only piece of information I have is that this is the day that has been chosen as being the start of COVID apartheid in a large number of businesses. In Australia. Perhaps also in other countries. It seems this is the day the social contract that binds human society together in some sort of semi-formal order, will be broken, and those who have independently chosen, as is their right to do, not to take part in the COVID vaccination madness that has swept the world, will no longer be allowed to work the job they worked for however long up until that day.

Who made that decision? What moron thinks they have the right to dictate to the people of Australia, or the world, how they should observe official instructions which go against all the instincts and rational judgement of perfectly sane citizens? Who is it that is willing to take away employment and income (and life itself) from countless workers at all levels to satisfy some thoughtless scheme dreamed up by lunatics or very evil persons?

To all those affected by this crazy scheme which governments all across the world have so readily and recklessly taken upon themselves to administer with no form of mandate or legal standing, let me say this…

Do not worry. You, we, together, can overcome such self-proclaimed overreach of authority set to deprive us of our rightful freedoms and rights. We can outlast them and see them punished in whatever ways we see fit for the perpetration of this outrage. How do I know this? Because I know that the system they think they are protecting simply cannot go on and continue as it was …without you.

The system will simply collapse. It was already on the verge of collapse anyway. They know that and I am sure, if you have given it any thought, you also know that.

So, do not panic. Do not go out onto the streets to protest – unless you see almost everybody else also out there in uncontrollable numbers. You may be caught up in something you had no intention of taking part in. It is best to simply wait for the next move. It will not take long. Remain strong. And do not be tempted to get vaccinated in order to simply to keep working. That would likely be either a future death sentence for you, or result in some gruesome disability. Businesses will close their doors because they will not be able to continue without you. Many of the vaccinated may also not continue to work, in support of your actions – including many of the police officers, doctors and nurses. They have their limits and their ethical boundaries too. Nothing will work, potentially, during this period. Nothing will get made. Nothing will move. Normal services will cease to exist …until the climax.

Authorities will have to capitulate. They cannot arrest and imprison every citizen. But it will not come to that anyway if we all simply stand our ground and help each other through this short crisis. The crisis may be shortlived but it will bring an end to the world we knew. We will need to rebuild. But first we must deal with the perpetrators who so wronged us. The politicians and their organisations. The so-called ‘health authorities’. The police thugs who dealt so harshly with innocent citizens. The doctors and nurses who so willingly injured and murdered thousands, perhaps eventually millions of citizens, by administering deadly chemicals through falsely termed ‘vaccines’ under coerced consent to those too helpless or ignorant to determine for themselves to what they were subjecting their bodies and lives.

Nothing will ever be the same again after October 15, 2021. Do not forget that.

I am ending this here, before I say things I possibly should not say.

The people who stand together are the people who will win, and overcome present difficulties.

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