Good Onya China – Stick It To The Bastards

"China accuses Five Eyes of 'violently interfering' by criticising Hong Kong legislative elections" - Australia ABC News "HK has brighter future with deepening integration" - China Daily Photo taken on July 14, 2020 shows the Golden Bauhinia Square in Hong Kong. [Photo/Xinhua]

South Africa Benefits Over Australia’s Woes

"...despite China's overreliance on Australian iron ore and coal, which has caused some hiccups in the past months, recent shipments of the important materials from alternative sources showed that it is easy for China to replace Australia as its import source." - as quoted from the linked GT report. "China can easily replace Australian imports,... Continue Reading →

Australia, The Wayward Child

These days I try to only post on items of high importance in my view.  It doesn't always turn out that way but that is the intention because, well, we live in very dangerous times, as many will find (and many have already found), by surprise, to their great cost.  But these are times where... Continue Reading →

Inconsistent Consistency

'Consistency' is a well worn word in Australian political life. One might even say it is a worn out word through consistent and over-frequent usage by government spokespersons as a position statement of their own actions. The claim of 'Consistency' is again trotted out as being Australia's position in the ABC News report below, which... Continue Reading →

Afghan Lives Matter …not apparently to Australia

Afghan Lives Matter  ...not apparently to Australia, whose government chooses to lash out at condemnation of itself and its unprincipled and uncontrollable military elements, rather than taking any criticism, legitimately directed at it, on the chin, with contrition and humility for its soldiers vile misdemeanours.  "Morrison's demand for an apology from China is a trick... Continue Reading →

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