This is me

Last night I decided, after staring at myself in the bathroom mirror for a while, that I really needed a new identity from the image I have used for the past six years or so. I have moved on, and so has my appearance. I am not, for good or ill, the person I was... Continue Reading →

A Poignant Moment For Me

A photo opportunity the likes of which will never be seen again. An especially poignant moment for me as I have an intimate connection from my past with both of these groups of military aircraft. Last flight of a Vulcan bomber, with the Red Arrows Post based on photos from The Lincolnite: Last Vulcan bomber... Continue Reading →

In Memory Of My Mother

Yesterday, 6 August 2015, my mother was finally laid to rest with a funeral service and burial, almost six weeks after she passed away peacefully in her sleep overnight following her 101st birthday in her home town of Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England.  She had suffered no recent illness or pain, other than what could be expected... Continue Reading →


I studiously avoided any connection with social networking until just a few months before I started this blog but once I started a Facebook page, it became irresistible to record my views, thoughts and opinions as status updates.  I found this practice both rewarding and internally liberating.  I finally had an outlet for my unresolved need to... Continue Reading →

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