Memories, like the colours of my mind…

Being a person of many years occasionally has its advantages.  You have memories that go back a long, long way.

I was fortunate tonight to have some old memories stirred by an image I came across on a Facebook page that I linked to from the blog of an artist who was kind enough to ‘Like’ my previous post here.  Ray Ferrer has a unique style of producing some stunning murals spray painted on canvas through stencils.

On his Facebook page I came across this exceedingly fine image of a young woman. The image is open for sharing so I guess he wouldn’t mind me including it here, linked back to his site.

Ray Ferrer Artwork

On seeing this I was instantly reminded of an English jazz singer who’s work I used to admire many years ago.  Her name escaped me for a while but it eventually came to me that it was Cleo Laine.  Of course, I realise that while there are visual similarities between the picture and the singer, they are not particularly strong ones.  But this is the power of the image to connect with and stir memory.

Anyway, memories and emotions having been awoken, I had to search further.  I remember that Cleo Laine was, in fact is, exceptionally talented with an amazing vocal range.  Though she would be in her mid 80’s as I write this, I understand that she was still performing until at least a very few years ago.  Like many old British entertainers she was elevated to the peerage some years back, becoming Dame Cleo Laine.

I found this intriguing live example of her work and although the video quality is not great it does demonstrate her incredible virtuosity as a singer.  This piece was something that I don’t recollect having heard performed previously so I am particularly indebted to Ray Ferrer for producing the image that led me to it.

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