Cooperation Prevails

"Denmark grants permit for construction of Nord Stream 2 pipeline in its waters" So, good sense, or at least the sense of cooperation, has prevailed over potential antagonism and spiteful obstruction. This is good, even with this subsequent proviso which is really only a standard condition - "Denmark’s permit to lay Nord Stream 2 gas... Continue Reading →

Inhaling Your Own Gunsmoke

"The Fumes of Fanaticism" a telling piece by James Howard Kunstler. 'Fanaticism'.  A word that is not out of place in many settings around the world today (there must be something in the air), and a word when used as a just descriptor of the state of mind or attitude of a political party, does... Continue Reading →

Let The Process Begin…

This is too important to miss. "Russia’s top diplomat heads to Geneva ahead of Syrian Constitutional Committee launch" "The only role that Russia, Iran and Turkey, as well as other nations, are expected to play in the Syrian peace process is to prevent any outside attempt to disrupt political settlement." - TASS That is not... Continue Reading →

Not Enough Clarity

I have chosen not to comment on events occurring in Syria for a while, there being far too much speculation, guesswork, and general lack of clarity on what has devolved into something I would describe as a chaotic situation - thanks mainly to the vagaries of American policy and its inability to reliably walk a... Continue Reading →

The Waiver Of Donbass

I struggled to find something I wanted to talk about today, until I came across an article on Inforos titled: "Why Ukrainian Foreign Ministry declares Kiev's possible waiver of Donbass" ...and subtitled - "If Ukraine's demands to change the 'Steinmeier formula' fail to find support, the split between Donbass and Ukraine will intensify". Waiver of... Continue Reading →

Baghdadi – Cat With Only 5 or 6 Lives Remaining

MYSTERIOUS HELICOPTERS ATTACK TERRORISTS’ POSITIONS ALONG TURKISH-SYRIAN BORDER (VIDEOS) I didn't share this story when I first saw it this morning but now it appears there is something about it that again reveals the underhanded way in which the US unilaterally acts without regard whatsoever as to anybody else's rights or the exigences of international... Continue Reading →

Judicial Justice Investigation

"Justice Dept. to launch criminal investigation into its own Russia probe: report" And so it begins.  What I have hoped for for so long, what JHK has talked about for even longer, the DOJ investigation into the DNC instigated DOJ investigation into what has become known as Russiagate. Where will it lead?  Well hopefully to... Continue Reading →

The Way Forward

"Russia-Turkey accords in line with interests of Syria, Kurds, Europe — Kremlin" "Russia will continue mediating between Kurds and Damascus — diplomat" It is the only sensible, in fact the only viable way forward.  I speak of what these two important utterances convey.  The current Russia-Turkey agreement on Syria.  And with the interfering US now... Continue Reading →

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