Judicial Justice Investigation

“Justice Dept. to launch criminal investigation into its own Russia probe: report”

And so it begins.  What I have hoped for for so long, what JHK has talked about for even longer, the DOJ investigation into the DNC instigated DOJ investigation into what has become known as Russiagate.

Where will it lead?  Well hopefully to jails filling up with top Democrats, perhaps a previous US president, certainly the Clinton gang, some past officials of the DOJ itself, and a host of spooks and chief spooks from the US intelligence community, all of whom conspired to pervert the course of justice. Potentially treasonous behaviour which must not be allowed to escape scrutiny and appropriate punishment.

I have my crackers, cheese and fruit juice (I don’t do popcorn and cola) ready for the show to begin.  It is going to be epic, so hopefully there will be intervals, for replenishment and other aspects of life..

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