Don’t Forget Syria

Rarely do I watch or listen to any online documentary interview (I think, showing my age, they are called 'podcasts' these days), even when accompanied by video, as this one is, but, released today by Aaron Maté, this interview with Australian academic Dr Tim Anderson, centred around the Syrian situation and probably prompted by the... Continue Reading →

End of the Road for US Regime Changes

"The Syrians head for polling centers tomorrow to elect President of the Republic" - Syrian Arab News Agency, 25-05-2021 This election, observed by delegations from several other nations, is an expression of the unbowed will of the Syrian people who have for more than decade faced Western terrorism from their Wahhabist, Zionist and NATO oppressors. ... Continue Reading →

A Refreshing New View

"Syria: Neoliberalism vs Sovereignty" - Renegade Inc Forget the title of this piece for a moment, important though it may be.  I want to say something which I feel is significant. People like me, and there may be more of us than is generally realised, who write about aspects of our world, their drivers, mechanisms... Continue Reading →

Go Home Yanks, You’re Unwanted!

Syrian Arab Army units prevent US invaders from using the Qamishli-Hasakah road, causing them to turn around and leave (at least that is what this Twitter feed says, and also what it looks like to me).  Later, probably these same invaders were prevented from proceeding by real Syrian civilians in a road blockage protest encounter.  and,... Continue Reading →

Follow The Arrows To Find Gold

Who fights who in Syria? Image credit:  Not sure who owns this.  I got it from the TAE Facebook page   What do you see there?  Hmmmm... So, what's this thing between ISIS and the Israeli Air Force? It seems that ISIS is fighting everybody except the Israeli Air Force. It seems that everybody is... Continue Reading →

Saving The Ancient Seeds Of Syria

This may be the best and only good news to come out of Syria for some years, looking backwards or forwards.  Its importance should not be underestimated. This post inspired by: Syrian seed bank saved after occupation by armed forces threatens unique collection of ancient grains Yes, the stories of Syrian refugees are tragic and... Continue Reading →

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