Reward For Effort

It has been over two months since I put some gardening pics up.  A lot has changed in that time.  Summer has been, wreaked havoc, and gone.  A warm and milder Autumn is progressing.  The plants have breathed a sigh of relief and are putting in extra effort to do their thing.  Thankfully.  If only... Continue Reading →

Gardening. Yes, I Still Do.

It has been so long since I did a post on gardening (can't bring myself to look back that far) that people may have forgotten that I still do that.  And I think that it is really important to do so.  For everyone. This is learning time folks.  While there is still back-up in the... Continue Reading →

The Land That Time Forgot

I thought I would share something useful or potentially useful and not at all grim, for a change.  It contains information, at least, that can be used for further reference and sourcing for beneficial uses.  This information should not be lost to mankind. This post inspired by: Amazing 1930's Pharmacist Map Of ‘Herbal Cures’ Released... Continue Reading →

Jobs Of The Future – Tinker

'Tinkering'.  What a great word, and one that will assume even greater importance soon. This post inspired by: The Lost Skill of Tinkering from The Travelling Naturopath Blog Only very old stuff can be tinkered with.  All new stuff, when it stops working (and often before that), is simply junk. My advice is to keep... Continue Reading →

The ‘Renewables’ Myth

Picture courtesy of Minerals Council of Australia  (OhMyGosh, never thought I would be promoting something from this particular organisation, but everything has some potential use) ...and this is why (well, one reason why) the world can never be 100% renewables powered. It is also why so-called 'renewables' can never be called 'sustainable'. Just to clarify... Continue Reading →

What’s going on in my garden?

It has been such a long time since I made any real reference to my continued attempts to earn the appellation 'gardener', a practice or profession that many of my ancestors made a living from doing.  But that was before we all lost the art of growing stuff and spent our lives as spoon-fed babies,... Continue Reading →

The Final Days

  Pleased to share this post The Final Days from Bealtaine Cottage.  Colette O'Neill uses many of the phrases I have used in the past, and I share her sentiments. The Final Days?  Not the final days of the world. Not by any means.  But yes, the final days of Empire, the world made by... Continue Reading →

Solutions – A Stitch In Time

If you wish to start at the beginning of this series, go here. Just Suppose... What if you found yourself in a situation of need to sew something as an emergency repair, a patch or even in the act of making something?  "Oh, I would get my electric sewing machine out" you say.  But what... Continue Reading →

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