Electricity Consumption

Here is a picture of my household electricity consumption over the last two years, extracted from my most recent utility bill.  This represents my total power usage since there is no gas installed at the property. Please note that I post this merely to show that it is possible in these times of soaring energy... Continue Reading →

Recent Pics/Happenings

I haven't felt like blogging just lately.  I have been feeling a little p'd off with the world and the way it doesn't seem to care about where it is headed, and thinking, well, people collectively will get what they deserve one way or another, and determining to keep on living as simply as I... Continue Reading →

Repost: Cold, wet, rainy day

This is a repost of something I first published on my Meanderings blog on 25 May 2012. It has been a cold, wet day here today up here in North Central Victoria.  Seems like we have had a month's worth of rain.  Not much can be done on days like this. I did take the... Continue Reading →

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