Recent Pics/Happenings

I haven’t felt like blogging just lately.  I have been feeling a little p’d off with the world and the way it doesn’t seem to care about where it is headed, and thinking, well, people collectively will get what they deserve one way or another, and determining to keep on living as simply as I possibly can and preparing for as many eventualities as I am able.

This doesn’t mean that nothing has been happening here.  On the contrary, there is so much to tell that I probably won’t find the time or space to record it:

  • Spring has sprung, or at least my garden thinks it has.
  • I have been cleaning up areas where I feared to tread last Summer because they were so overgrown (determined to get some peaches this year as last year I couldn’t get to them).
  • After a total failure last year to grow any seedlings in my cold frame, it is bursting with young plants to relocate this year.
  • My swales got a good workout, completely filling to overflow state for the first time last week.
  • My new food dehydrator has arrived.  Dried some apples with Cinnamon to test it.
  • I have bought some timber to build a frame to turn an old cast-iron bathtub into an overflow storage (for the garden) from my main water storage tank.
  • I have made progress on my transportable off-grid PV system, almost to the point where I am willing to publish pictures of it.  Will probably do a separate article on that later.
  • I have planted more fruiting trees/shrubs and have more yet to do.

Here are some pictures.

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