East is East and West is… Nowhere

The recent article in the People's Daily, "How will China shape its development strategy for new stage?", begins - "China's development is entering a new stage." - signifying that the upcoming year of 2021 marks the beginning of the next five year plan for the continued development of China's socialist state. Photo taken on August... Continue Reading →

Theatre Of The Absurd

I'm sorry but I have to write on this.  It is... "...the sanctions theater of the absurd,"  also known as "...uncovered and rampant non-competitive struggle," quoting the words of Dmitry Peskov - Kremlin spokesman.  Words which I echo, other than I would spell it, as most English speaking people would - 'theatre' (from which are... Continue Reading →

Herding Renegade Yanks in Syria

Herding renegade Yanks, that's what I like to see.  They were obviously lost and needed to be shown where the door is.  Bravo, Russia!  Let's see more of this. "Video of US-Russia troops confrontation in Northern Syria this week. Politico reporting that 4 US troops were injured as result" - Syria.liveuamap More video. Possibly a... Continue Reading →

A Positive Force For Good

It is time to laud China as a positive force for good in the modern world. ...and to admit that US' unilateralism is the opposite of that. "Wang Yi's Europe visit to call for multilateralism, strengthen cooperation amid US' unilateralism" - Global Times

Stealthiness Sprung

"Iran successfully used Russian-made radar to track US F-35 jets — designer" - TASS So, the much fabled stealth of modern fighting aircraft has once again proven to be just that - fable. I assume that is something everyone already knew.  When it comes to things material in nature, there is no such thing as... Continue Reading →

Arctic Sea Ice Update

Since I last reported on the Arctic Sea Ice loss situation for the current northern summer, about a month ago - at which time there was potential for this to be a record year of ice melt - much of that potential has been lost following one of those unforeseen swerves of the graph line... Continue Reading →

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