Theatre Of The Absurd

I’m sorry but I have to write on this.  It is…

…the sanctions theater of the absurd,”  also known as “…uncovered and rampant non-competitive struggle,” quoting the words of Dmitry Peskov – Kremlin spokesman.  Words which I echo, other than I would spell it, as most English speaking people would – ‘theatre’ (from which are derived words like – ‘theatrical’, not ‘theaterical’). 

“‘Theater of the absurd’: Kremlin lambasts US sanctions against Russian research institutes” – TASS

Dmitry Peskov – Kremlin Spokesman

But is this all that a confused and perplexed US government, paralysed by its own venomous bite, can do to retain any momentum in any direction on the world stage?  How has it come to this?  That’s a rhetorical question.  The answer is known.  It’s a sad situation.  For some 300 million people, US citizens, all of whom it appears have grown to be incapable of doing anything about it, it’s a very sad situation.

It doesn’t seem to bother those peoples against whom sanctions action is directed.  It may make life a little more difficult for them or perhaps just a little less advantageous, but in the end it is a fruitless, perhaps even pathetic form of… hmm… form of what?  Punishment? Oppression?  Behavioural Therapy?  Hate?  Envy?  The possibilities are so endlessly loose it is difficult to estimate the purpose of it in the minds of the perpetrators.  What do they hope to achieve?  Apart from making of themselves a laughingstock and a nuisance (nothing more).

These newest sanctions are not just aimed at Russians.  The list of affected nations is –  Russia, China (including Hong Kong), France, Indonesia, Malaysia, Oman, Pakistan, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates.

What have they got against the UAE, other than possibly a jealous-lover spat over UAE overtures to horn in on the cosy little US-Israel sweetheart relationship?

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