Herding Renegade Yanks in Syria

Herding renegade Yanks, that’s what I like to see.  They were obviously lost and needed to be shown where the door is.  Bravo, Russia!  Let’s see more of this.

“Video of US-Russia troops confrontation in Northern Syria this week. Politico reporting that 4 US troops were injured as result” – Syria.liveuamap

More video. Possibly a separate incident…

“Another video of U.S.-Russian encounter in North-eastern Syria” – syria.liveuamap

…even more.  Could this be made into a movie?

“Video of another skirmish between Russian and US forces in NE Syria from Aug 24. It appears there are two US vehicles and Russian BTR-80, 2 Typhoon-K MRAPs, Ural-4320, and 2 Tigr vehicles with Russian Mi-8AMTSh and Mi-35M helicopters overhead” – syria.liveuamap

…and more.  Ha! I could watch this stuff all day.

“Dêrik: Russian military patrol in the Dêrik countryside today morning:” – syria.liveuamap

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