Looking Back To The Future

I made a prediction on Facebook back in January of this year, for how 2015 would unfold and I have referred to that both there and here in this blog a number of times throughout the year.  I usually like to link my posts to a relevant article, and I did so in this case,... Continue Reading →

Still Kidding Ourselves…

Why are we still kidding ourselves, or what's worse, not even having an opinion or a care? No matter what happens this month in Paris, we are not going to hold down global warming to 2°C above pre-industrial levels.  There is zero possibility of that happening and, even if there were a slight possibility, we... Continue Reading →

Who’s Really To Blame?

" ...multiple service members were suspended from duty following an investigation into the deadly airstrike last month on a hospital in Kunduz." Yes, there has to a scapegoat.  Even a few of them, if necessary. Any scapegoat really.   So some unnamed 'service members' will do I suppose. Just so long as blame (and punishment)... Continue Reading →

Too Much Turkish Delight

It is often exceedingly difficult to cut through the sugary coating surrounding the reporting of events that ever more frequently (and there is a reason for that) take place around our troubled world.  Basically, before you sink your teeth into the Turkish Delight that the mainstream news media presents to us, you need to take... Continue Reading →

Careful Who You Piss Off

Be careful who you piss off.  Unless, of course, you are a brainless jihadi who doesn't give a shit about anything. OK.  You can piss the Americans off, and they will react by randomly bombing a few inconsequential buildings, killing more civilians than jihadis, but without any real plan to deal with you properly which... Continue Reading →

Hair Raising

I knew there was a good reason why twelve years ago I decided that I would never again have my hair cut.  That was a time of great change in my life.  Among other things, it was when I started to live alone and change my diet to become vegetarian. I didn't know quite why... Continue Reading →

Game Changer

Vladimir Putin - the necessary catalyst for defeating ISIS. So far, the US, NATO and their allies have only been playing the game. Using mainly rhetoric and having no real interest in inflicting defeat on these monsters.  It is all about the oil of course.  It always is.  Always will be, at least for the... Continue Reading →

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