Hair Raising

I knew there was a good reason why twelve years ago I decided that I would never again have my hair cut.  That was a time of great change in my life.  Among other things, it was when I started to live alone and change my diet to become vegetarian.

I didn’t know quite why I made the decision to grow my hair at the time. At least I was not fully aware of what my reasons were based on, but now I do know and I am aware.  I am thankful for and agree wholeheartedly with what this Viral Alternative News article says: “Hair Is An Extension Of The Nervous System” – Why Native Americans Keep Their Hair Long



It wasn’t all that easy in the beginning while still operating within the professional business world for the last seven years of my working life before retirement.  I stood out as being unusual with my long hair, not uniquely so, but it was a rare thing.  Especially as the growing trend in those years was to have no head hair at all.  I have always seen that as a de-humanising thing.  After all, the first thing that ‘victors’ can do to their ‘captives’ to render them more submissive (the same goes for soldier recruits, I guess), is to remove their hair.

There is no honour or status gain in having your head shaved, and no advantage other than social acceptance (and what does that mean? that you are a member of an exclusive club of submissives?) for having your hair trimmed to some common style  …and now, this article backs that up.

I am considering the idea that I may never shave again …but that is another story.

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  1. Interesting. My hair drives me nuts when it gets long, so I don’t think I’m going to join you in this one. And I never could grow a beard!

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