Earth Overshoot Day

I seem to spend more time writing little pieces on my Facebook page than I do here recently, so I decided to repeat here something I just posted there. Today is Earth Overshoot Day (EOD). Every year since the early 1970's EOD has arrived a little earlier in the year. What does this mean? Well,... Continue Reading →

Avoiding the Snoopers

Where Did The Ads Go? Here is something quite interesting.  Since early July, I have been using the free blocking software from called 'DoNotTrackMe' and more recently, 'MaskMe' to enhance and protect my internet browsing and email experience.   I have noticed that my Facebook page is now ad free.  This I can only... Continue Reading →

On Incite and Insight

I enjoy writing. More than I ever thought that I would or would ever be capable of.  In my schooldays I would struggle to put together even a one page essay. Thoughts on subjects that I had little or no interest in, just would not flow.  Now, when a subject of interest comes to me,... Continue Reading →

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