‘Peaceful Modernization’ With Retained Sovereignty or ‘Neo-Medievalism’ Under US Hegemonic Vassalage

That is the choice facing this modern world. And there is still a choice to be made. The recent historical record shows how every nation trying to develop outside the Washington Consensus is terrorized at myriad hybrid war levels. This nation becomes a target of color revolutions, regime change, illegal sanctions, economic blockade, NATO sabotage... Continue Reading →

Fate of The Former Ukraine ++

(++ in this case refers to 'among other valuable notions') We can no longer speak of Ukraine. That nation, if it ever really was a nation, no longer exists. It was probably better described as the sweeping together of left-overs from Europe's many internecine wars across the ages. However you want to describe what it... Continue Reading →

Content To Watch On As Russian Strategic Brilliance Demolishes Ukraine Capacity For War and Western Stupidity Destroys European And US Economies

I have not spoken much recently on the demolition of Ukraine by Russia, and the West (plus Ukraine) entirely by themselves. The fog of war (necessary Russian military tactical secrecy) and the smog of propaganda (a western exclusive cloud of BS) generally make it necessary (or at least wise) to wait for concrete news -... Continue Reading →

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