Cognitive Reorientation Required?

Why would any young Australian volunteer to leave Australia, the country that has sheltered them, probably for most or all of their lives to go to Israel expressly to join the Israel Defence Force (IDF) on behalf of the most oppressive and vicious regime (not counting the US) operating outside of international law in the... Continue Reading →

Are You an Anti-China Trump’s Chump?

So you still think that the coronavirus associated with COVID-19 originated in China?  You think the World Health Organisation (WHO) somehow, as a result of its affinity for China, misled or misadvised the world about the disease?  You think that Doctor Trump was right or even in a position to hold an opinion on that... Continue Reading →

The UK’s ‘Russophobia’

'Russophobia' - Just one of the mental problems facing a much troubled UK. "UK in the Midst of a Full-Blown Existential Crisis" - Vladimir Danilov for New Eastern Outlook I don't think there is anything I need to add to that.

Turkey’s Broken Agreement on Syria’s Idlib

For the first time since hostilities ceased in Syria's Idlib province last March under an agreement between Russia and Turkey made under pressure from the UN Security Council (as far as I remember), a combined Russia/Turkey military patrol of the M4 highway (which marks the ceasefire line) has been carried out successfully.  Previous attempts have... Continue Reading →

Pompeo’s Last Hurrah

"US offers to form new alliance of states to counter China - Pompeo" - TASS What's this?  A last Hurrah?  A big mistake Mr Pompeo. Hasn't that chump realised that the US no longer has any real friends (perhaps a few imaginary ones) almost anywhere around the globe? Or maybe he has just learned of... Continue Reading →

Need Something More to Think About?

Hey guys!  You think COVID-19, buckling national economies and a growing potential for global conflict are all we have to worry about?  Take a look at this. For more than a decade now we have been seeing a rapid decrease of sea ice cover around the north polar region.  It started being noticed in 2007... Continue Reading →

Headed For The Grease Trap?

"'Is Thinking Cancelled?" - Kunstler If anything can be taken from JHK's Monday blog post this week it is the inescapable thought that what used to be American society is inexorably drawing closer to the event horizon that marks the point of no return for that 'city upon a Hill, beacon of hope' (if it... Continue Reading →

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