Restating Innocently Misstated Intent

"Russia not interested in European states falling apart — ambassador" - TASS Let me firstly interpret the meaning, for the Western ear, of this unfortunately not well expressed article title by TASS.   What it DOES NOT mean is that Russia doesn't care if European states fall apart.  It definitely does not mean that - although... Continue Reading →

Is It Really A First Past The Post Thing? Why?

Russia announces its first COVID-19 vaccine is now ready, having passed clinical trials in two separate tests on diverse groups of volunteers. "Russia’s first COVID-19 vaccine ready, deputy defense minister says" - TASS See also: "Volunteers participating in Russia’s COVID-19 vaccine trials develop antibodies" - TASS Coincidentally (or is it?) the UK's Oxford University also... Continue Reading →

COVID-19 – A Contrast of Ideologies

Why is there such a world of difference in the effects of the coronavirus pandemicised as COVID-19 across the nations and regions of the world?  Shouldn't such an outbreak, assuming it is the same disease everywhere, produce similar responses in different populations of the same species wherever they are?  And why would the death rate... Continue Reading →

How Could I Know?

When I wrote in my previous post - 'Withdrawal Policy' - yesterday, about the UK hopefully withdrawing from the UN (following the lead of the US), I hasten to assure that I had no prior knowledge of the content of the quite innocuous TASS post I share today. "Russian envoy wishes UK to remain UN... Continue Reading →

Withdrawal Policy

"UN Secretary General initiates New Global Deal for fairer world order" - TASS Oh dear! Oh my!  All this talk of a New Social Contract from the UN Secretary General spells trouble at the OK corral. All this talk of fairness and equality and the barely disguised finger pointing at the US and its capitalist... Continue Reading →

Cooperation Instead of Competition

"Cooperation instead of Competition" - "It is the contrary of what the west is used to." - "A concept hardly understood in the profit-driven capitalist west." It is the way of China which has "...opened her gates to the world to continue the harmonious flow of creating relationships" - "...avoiding conflicts and moving forward, a... Continue Reading →

A Real History Lesson (and a bigger picture)

While most of his work is very good, pointed and incisive - though sometimes a little off-key -  JHK is occasionally absolutely brilliant.  This is one of those brilliant times. "A Bigger Picture" - James Howard Kunstler In this quoted paragraph, reproduced below, there is a real history lesson and a juxtaposition of the then... Continue Reading →

Another Look at COVID-19

It has been a while since I last commented on the panademic but it now seems time to update observations. While there is still a big question mark over the discrepancy and divergence between cases and deaths, which is still left to be explained, there are now signs that the number of deaths arising every... Continue Reading →

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