Cooperation Instead of Competition

“Cooperation instead of Competition” – “It is the contrary of what the west is used to.” – “A concept hardly understood in the profit-driven capitalist west.”

It is the way of China which has “…opened her gates to the world to continue the harmonious flow of creating relationships” – “…avoiding conflicts and moving forward, a solid Tao principle – has grown China to where she stands today – becoming the world’s second largest economy, after starting practically from zero only 70 years ago.”

So says Peter Koenig in this article “China’s Economy – and Globalization – A Look into the Future” for New Eastern Outlook – 

“This worries the west, especially the self-declared US empire.”, says Koenig.  And it should. And I have to agree, with pretty much everything he says here.

The West is now a spent force.  With nothing but pain and misery to offer the world, along with all the basest aspects of human depravity.

But there is China …and its spirit of “Cooperation instead of Competition”.

Will the increasingly beleaguered economies and peoples of the West take note, and reach out a hand instead of throwing barbs in China’s direction?

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