A Fitting Conclusion

Having now published a couple of posts on what is a recent great Russian achievement, the completion on May 9, 2020 (a significant date, being 75 years to the day, the true day, when the Great Patriotic War - WW2 to some - was completed in Europe) marking the completion of the Russian Orthodox cathedral... Continue Reading →

An Edifice To Culture

There are, in this the 21st century, very few nations that can claim a culture of any sort, let alone a culture unadulterated by time. No nation of the West can make that claim. If we take as the measure of cultural significance as being something which can not be developed in less than a... Continue Reading →

Potential Bright Future for Afghanistan

This TASS news item on the current situation in Afghanistan, based on a report from the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC), simply reiterates, though with more detail than I have previously seen, what is known of the matter.  It chiefly shows that the Taliban are not operating haphazardly but with a 'thoroughly thought-through strategic plan on... Continue Reading →

The COVID Story Now Coming Unravelled

After several months of personally boycotting Jim Kunstler's blog over his illogical stance on China, I can once again share at least the current Kunstler post.  He appears, at long last, to have got the China story exactly right - in my opinion.  Hint: that may be something to do with his podcast meeting with... Continue Reading →

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