An Edifice To Culture

There are, in this the 21st century, very few nations that can claim a culture of any sort, let alone a culture unadulterated by time. No nation of the West can make that claim. If we take as the measure of cultural significance as being something which can not be developed in less than a thousand years, which seems reasonable, many Western nations could not achieve cultural significance for many centuries to come, no matter how hard they tried …and ‘trying’ to get a culture is not really how it is done. One has to also question how many of these countries will still be standing at the end of a thousand years.

There are countries of the West which cannot even claim true nationhood by any recognisable definition of the term. The United States is one of them. At least Australia defines itself as a ‘Commonwealth’, which is a perhaps a few steps below actual nationhood, although all of these countries tend to think of and narcissistically call themselves ‘nations’. But none of them can realistically claim to possess a recognisable culture.

Of those nations which can claim to possess a culture not diminished by time, the Russian Federation, as the current iteration of an ancient cultural tradition, is a standout. And just to be clear, for those who think otherwise, ‘Zionism’ is not a culture. It is simply a cult.

I am going to admit to something I did not know before today, probably because I don’t recall ever seeing any media coverage of the subject. The Russians recently (2020) completed a magnificent structural edifice the like of which there is no equal anywhere in the world, and especially among the culturally deficient West. They call it ‘The Main Cathedral of the Russian Armed Forces’ and it is an unbelievable realisation of immense effort, in part said to have been aided and guided by spiritual forces – which the Orthodoxy of Russian religion would claim to be of God – but which those of us less connected to that may see as simply such beneficial forces of nature and perhaps good karma that continually operate beyond our natural sight.

I highly recommend this video of the work of construction which went into the building of this adjectivally challenging cultural object. I think you will be amazed if any of this is new to you. This is obviously an unmatched achievement of great cultural maturity.

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