No “Back To The Future” For The West…

...So says Stan Grant, an Australian First Nations descendent of the Wiradjuri people (though if Australia was one nation I would not need to make that distinction), news presenter, journalist, and Professor of Global Affairs at Griffith University in Queensland. Stan is a man who knows a thing or two, though not quite perceptive enough to not see China as... Continue Reading →

Refuting a False Accusation

China refutes Australia's accusation of tweeting "fake image"  - Xinhuanet Because Australians, and people in other parts of the world, will only ever hear one side of the story - the Western propaganda side - I am sharing this post from Xinhua in full to give China's view of the situation. I find it sickening that... Continue Reading →

Aussies – Circling The Gurgler’s Rim

Australia continues to circle its own economic future dangerously around the rim of a certain death spiral, apparently willing to lose itself completely if the nation does not pull back from its current untenable position vis-à-vis having chosen the wrong side of the US instigated US-China struggle.  Illustration: Tang Tengfei/GT Without a turn-around or at... Continue Reading →

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