Understanding The Times

When we come across a piece of wisdom, assuming we are able to recognise wisdom when we see it, we should be prepared to share that wisdom with others.  That's the right, and human thing to do.  It is also the main reason why I post most of the stuff I share here. I happened... Continue Reading →

Dealing With The Important Things

I break my silence of several days to stand in solidarity with Australian James O'Neill and his recent article shared below. Why have I been silent recently and at this time of emergent global forces that cry out for publicity, recognition, and general attention that will not be found anywhere, truthfully related in the prominent media?... Continue Reading →

A Little Payback

Australia need not look beyond its borders for potential enemies.  We are our own worst enemy.  And that also potentially means our government is our worst enemy, because I don't think it is you or me.  Well, it's certainly not me, but you could be part of the problem too by stupidly voting to retain... Continue Reading →

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