Aussies – Circling The Gurgler’s Rim

Australia continues to circle its own economic future dangerously around the rim of a certain death spiral, apparently willing to lose itself completely if the nation does not pull back from its current untenable position vis-à-vis having chosen the wrong side of the US instigated US-China struggle. 

Illustration: Tang Tengfei/GT

Without a turn-around or at least a pull-back, neither of which appear likely at this stage, the long period of Aussie ‘Luck’ has faded into history and a trip down the gurgler – along with the same trip relentlessly pursued by the US – is forthcoming.

“What’s the US role in Australia’s push to partially decouple with China?” – Yu Lei for the Global Times

See also: “Huawei job cuts may signal layoff surge in Australia” – Global Times

Now is not the time to be playing political games or for hanging on to and being pushed around by fair-weather friends.

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