Finding Truth Among All The Lies

The OPCW - You remember the OPCW - the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, on which the world relies to investigate and report the use of CW attacks wherever they occur? Well, they continue to investigate those things and usually faithfully uncover the truth of them but, in recent years, what is reported... Continue Reading →

The Real America is Starving

"America: Send Food, We’re Starving!" - Gordon Duff - Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War - for New Eastern Outlook America, the real America, where nary a Trump has ever set foot, is starving and abandoned, in worse condition than most (what used to be called) third world countries.  This America, the real America, is... Continue Reading →

The West Be Damned

The West, apparently led - perhaps for appearances sake - by Australia, is particularly interested in laying blame and finding further reason to castigate China on the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. Strange. Especially when there is no evidence at all that the disease actually started in China or that that nation had anything... Continue Reading →

Cease To Function

Take heed Australia and, to a greater or lesser extent, the rest of the world.  Be ready for the next castastrophe. "Confidential report predicted how long it would take for essential services to break down during a major crisis" - ABC News 7.30 

Who “Owns” You?

We like to think of ourselves (and "ourselves", generally speaking, is the subject that occupies most of our attention during our waking hours and possibly at other times too) as being "free" persons. Free men, free women. Living free. The Masters of our own destiny and fortune. But in reality, I maintain, nothing could be... Continue Reading →

COVID-19 News, April 26, 2020

I have not forgotten about COVID-19, I was just waiting for the 3 million cases mark to arrive.  It has advanced as expected (on April 19 I suggested it would take just over a week with a day or two still to go and the current total being ~2.86 million) but not quite there yet. ... Continue Reading →

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