Finding Truth Among All The Lies

The OPCW – You remember the OPCW – the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, on which the world relies to investigate and report the use of CW attacks wherever they occur? Well, they continue to investigate those things and usually faithfully uncover the truth of them but, in recent years, what is reported by the OPCW is anything but the truth.  Instead those reports tend to lay blame on any entity the US/NATO wishes to pin fault onto – such as the Syrian government.

“OPCW’s Own Scientists Say OPCW Is Now Just a U.S.-Propaganda Agency” -Eric Zuesse for The Saker blog

This article explains how that works and includes the following statement by a “number of impartial and principled professionals”  who “no longer wish to be associated with the politically motivated reports being issued by the OPCW FFM [Fact-Finding Mission] and now the IIT [Investigation and Identification Team]. Many consider this work and these reports to be procedurally and scientifically flawed. Some of us believe they should not be seen as representing the work of OPCW inspectors at all.”

The reports by those  “impartial and principled professionals” are either being doctored or they themselves are being replaced on investigations of interest to the West by NATO staff – who obviously draw their own conclusions unbased on any evidential reality.

Basically, unless it is revealed exactly who conducted any OPCW investigation, no-one can legitimately believe anything those reports may say.  Doesn’t that suck?  

And how long can a world exist that is not based on truth? 

Erm… no, forget that.  The world of mankind has always existed on lies, beginning, if you believe any of those stories in the world’s ‘sacred’ literature (which are also fake – put together by unprincipled men, mostly men), by the lie told by the fake god which supposedly created us – who also supposedly told the supposedly first fake man ‘if he ate of the forbidden fruit, he would die’.  The first lie (although we know no such conversation ever took place) in a string of untruths that has dogged the path of humanity ever since the beginning of our sojourn here and is still negatively influencing the sad and sorry lives of the dumb and gullible today.

So, I urge you to carefully look for and pick out the precious grains of truth to be found, if searched for diligently, among the sandhills of lies which confront you daily.

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