The West ‘In Check’

'In Check' - that's a chess phrase, as far as I am aware. I'm not an aficionado - never developed an interest. I found an alternate interest in actual table-top war-gaming, with proper rules (I mainly wrote my own, following sufficient research) for quite a few years. But that was mainly before the age of... Continue Reading →

NATO – Murder Inc.

This is how the Ukronazi ally of the US, Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, plus others, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and latest even the long neutral Sweden and Finland, chooses to murder innocent citizens of what used to be part of their own country, all named states standing back, watching and condoning... Continue Reading →

SCO High Ideals versus US/West Divisive Intrusions and Unsubtle Sabotage

'SCO countries making friends not against anyone but in name of high ideals - Kremlin' - TASS The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation is a growing community of states following the same high ideals. Illustrating the right path, right thinking, of Russia and the SCO countries generally, is the balancing act by Russia as intermediary and peace-maker... Continue Reading →

Western White States’ Fatal Needs

It looks like what used to be western white's existential needs for old gold driven colonialism is morphing - as a renewed fatal need for the new 21st century gold of precious rare earths (uncommon in or totally missing from their own lands) - into a blood lust not fitting within the definition of anything... Continue Reading →

Life On The Checkpoints

The Moscow based online news-sheet VZGLYAD may not be well known outside its local area (actually I don't know if that is entirely true - I don't have its readership statistics - but I assume that to be the case), but it does produce some wonderful pieces of on-the-spot reporting. This is old-style journalism, and... Continue Reading →

I Knew There Had To Be A Name For It

...but I had no idea what that name might be. Now I know, thanks to William Schryver's imetatronink blog. The name is 'Maskirovka' and it describes what the Russian and allied forces did in Ukraine over recent weeks, culminating with the ease in which they were able to withdraw all those forces from around Kharkov,... Continue Reading →

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