Ignore The Shit-Diggers, Listen To The People

There are so many things I could write about today. Such important days now for the people of the Donbass and southern regions of Ukraine. They get to decide, by referendum, their future as part of Russia. A far better prospect for them than anything thay have now. And they don’t appear to be bitter about having been abandoned by their homeland back in 1991 and thrown to the dogs of Ukraine.

‘Shit-Diggers’? That’s an Andrei Martyanov euphemism for western media, and an apt one. But let’s get down to hearing about the Russia referendum now in progress, yesterday and for a further 3 days. How is it going, and what do the people think?

English journalist Graham Phillips, known from his frontline reports of the Russian Special Operation in Ukraine, recently persecuted in his home country of UK, has been preparing for the referendum for some weeks while continuing his distribution of humanitarian aid to Donbass people (donated by local folk). I want to share some of his recent short video reports on that, from his YouTube Channel.

First a general overview made three weeks ago.

Now a couple of videos direct from referendum polling stations, talking to voters, who all somehow (I’m sure carefully edited), and much to my personal delight, all seem to be beautiful young women. I can see now why Donbass boys – all, I expect, away fighting for their country – are so prepared to do so.

Everything seems to be going smoothly – as it should. And, according to the Military Summary Channel, for the first time in eight years, there was no shelling by Ukraine forces in the past 24 hours on the territory of the four regions where the referenda are being conducted. I guess that would be a bad look, with a number of western observers present to oversee the event.

I am a little concerned that footage of completed ballot papers are being shown, might be used by the ‘shit-diggers’ to suggest foul-play, but apparently it is Ok if given consent by the voters personally – which they seem happy to do.

I can’t stress enough that this is a momentous event in the history of European politics (even though Ukraine is not strictly European). Everything will change once this approximately 100,000 square kilometers of land and 5 million people become part of Russia once again. It is truly a home-coming, and a split from the Motherland (same with Crimea) that should never have been allowed to be made some 31 years ago. All of which has brought untold suffering to a great many people for those years. The general air of happiness and relief to be ‘home’ again, is more than obvious on these faces. Many of which will have never before enjoyed the feeling. This is so good, so right. So necessary.

Russia will soon be (almost) complete.

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