“Debt Is Good”

"Debt Is Good" "Debt Is Good" Everybodyyyy...   All together nowwww... "Debt Is Good" "Debt Is Good" It is not at all easy to laugh with your tongue in your cheek, or even with someone else's tongue in your cheek.  But Dmitry Orlov makes it all seem entirely possible in this beautifully rendered and timeless... Continue Reading →

The End Of ‘-isms’?

Sometimes The Guardian gets things so right, but other times they get things oh so wrong that one wonders what substance they are abusing now.  This is one of those oh so wrong times:  The end of capitalism has begun Image Credit:  Welcome to an age of sharing. Illustration by Joe Magee Not that they... Continue Reading →

Aspirational Level? Think Again.

Image credit:: Global temperature changes since 1850  This is a link to the original image which is expandable and easier to see   This is by far the best depiction I have yet seen as to what has actually been occurring with regard to global warming over the last 160 years or so.  It is... Continue Reading →

“Militant Complacency”

Now that the losing side in the upcoming US Presidential election has all but officially placed its faith in the old Reagan era catch-cry rebadged by Donald Trump - “Make America Great Again”, the other side of the spinning coin has also all but officially (though I think Bernie may still have something to say... Continue Reading →

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