Untangling The Tangled Webs

Yet another great article from Sarah Abed demonstrating that she has a complete and detailed understanding of the complexity of current events in Syria and beyond, through her 'The Rabbit Hole' blog: Putin Balances Turkey’s Fighter Jet Interest with Syria’s Fight Against Terrorism Untangling the tangled webs of complexity that surround what should be simple situations.

Progress In The Liberation Of Syria

"Syrian Army liberates entire Hama Governorate and Idlib’s Khan Sheikhoun" I reported on this story several days ago - 'Idlib Is Syrian Not Turkish' - but I cannot hope to bring out the sort of detail as Syrian-American Sarah Abed skilfully does from her closer sources. Her work is appreciated and well worth reading. It... Continue Reading →

Platitudinal Baloney?

It must be a slow news day today.  The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is casting around for things to report.  Hence this piece of garbage: Why we see the past through rose-coloured glasses, but not the future I too am finding it difficult to find something to talk about.  There are lots of things I would... Continue Reading →

US And Cronies Not Welcome

It is time for the independent nations of the Middle East to become more assertive and, if needs be, more aggressive or just plain aggressive against those who trespass on their sovereign territory, chiefly the US dogs, their EU pups and the Israeli pigs. It seems that Iraq is steeling itself to do just that. ... Continue Reading →

It’s Time For Russia To Get Tough With The West

"Progress on Minsk Agreements needed before summit in Normandy format — Lavrov" No more shilly-shallying about.  There is nothing to talk about over Ukraine until earlier agreed commitments are progressed.  So, Macron's mooted 'Normandy Format' talks to take place in September are a little premature.  There needs to be movement by the Ukraine government to... Continue Reading →

WTF is ‘Antisemetic’?

Well, it appears to be a misspelled (deliberately so above), misunderstood, pseudo-word of the modern day, misused by foggy-brained, religiously and/or politically deluded, barely educated (and therefore culturally dangerous) Americans and other mainly 'white' folks, with only scant knowledge about its possible pseudo-real meaning or any of the ideas or thought processes from which it... Continue Reading →

Brief, But To The Point

"Coordination on global politics, economy impossible without China and India - Kremlin" So, what is really the point of the G7?  It is a format that is entirely unrepresentative of anything on the global stage.  The seven supposedly major industrial nations no longer even represent that point.  They cover no more than 30% of global... Continue Reading →

No Time Like The Present

I have from time to time featured quotes brought to mind from reading books.  A lot of these have come from reading John Schettler's Kirov series of novels, of which I am currently into the 46th volume.  This thought captured my attention, perhaps because it sounds... sounds... I can't immediately come up with an adequate... Continue Reading →

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