US And Cronies Not Welcome

It is time for the independent nations of the Middle East to become more assertive and, if needs be, more aggressive or just plain aggressive against those who trespass on their sovereign territory, chiefly the US dogs, their EU pups and the Israeli pigs.

It seems that Iraq is steeling itself to do just that.  They did it once before, in 2007, forcing the US to drag its sorry arse out of the country.  I feel sure they can do it again.  No-one will miss them, except perhaps the remaining IS turds still operating there with US protection.  Even the Kurds would be subdued into a more reasonably peaceful role.

Come on people of the Middle East, stand up for yourselves and, by doing so, take some of the pressure off Iran. 

I want to see the cradle of civilisation blossoming and fruitful again. 

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