Bum Bitten

Here's something to think about this week instead of all the techno fantasies that we want to think about, as reality bites us in the bum once again at the end of 2015 (a collective bum bite is what I'm talking about, you may not personally feel it, yet, but then again you might), and... Continue Reading →

US Saves ISIS Friends

On Dec 24th it was reported that a commander of volunteer forces (Hashd al-Shaabi, who are operating alongside Iraqi army units) disclosed the US plots to evacuate ISIS leaders from the city of Ramadi as Iraqi army and popular troops are completing victory over the terrorist group. Apparently, the battle for Ramadi was temporarily halted... Continue Reading →

Astroturfing The Web

Occasionally it is advisable to return to basics.  To go back to first principles. Even the best and most steadfast of us, over time, and under the powerful influences that surround us in this age of who knows what, tends to stray from the path that we set ourselves or to relax our guard even... Continue Reading →

US Installs Nazi Puppets

You want proof that the Ukraine government, the puppet regime installed by the US so that they (the US) could get a foot in the door to expand NATO onto more of Russia's borders (didn't that work out well for them), are a bunch of Nazis?  Well here it is.  But, of course, we already... Continue Reading →

New Year, New War

New Year coming up  ....and it is unlikely to be happy. New war also coming up ...and it is likely to become WorldWar3. At the centre of it all is Turkey, the world's latest bad boy.  But is Turkey pursuing its own agenda or are the Turks, as a member of NATO, just under the... Continue Reading →

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