Common Sense From Canberra – Who’da Thunk It?

I was convinced that nothing sensible could ever come out of Canberra (Australia’s Capital and seat of its Federal Parliament) but this is good news: Canberra to allow food to be grown on nature strips

Well, it’s a start. What I would like to see is when it becomes mandatory, or at least permitted and encouraged, for every city dweller in all Australian cities to grow vegetables …and not just on their nature strip.

Such a policy would save a lot of lives in the future, just like it did in WW2 in besieged Britain, and I am sure elsewhere also.

1451426069411Of course many city councils would have to reverse their stupid policy of mandatory planting of native trees there first …and pay the cost of having them removed.

I am talking about western developed nations here of course. It is fairly certain that other nations never adopted such idiotic rules.

Shane Rattenbury at the newly opened Canberra City Farm in late 2014. Photo: Jamila Toderas


There is a downside to this news I just realised.  Anyone who grows food at the roadside will also need to chain a Rottweiler to their fence to protect it.  This is because we do live in a world that is full of loonies, shitheads, and those who would not lift a finger to help themselves but would find it very easy to take for themselves the produce of other people’s hard work.

Maybe it will be better to wait until the age of cars and other motorised transport passes (won’t be too long now), because most of the loonies, shitheads and light fingered lazybones are likely to have disappeared too, if only because they would find it too much effort to walk anywhere.

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  1. Surely people would be growing food in their own gardens for preference and only using the naturestrip as a last resort (heavily fenced of course, with attendant rottweiler).

    I think eventually all food will have to be grown close to where it is consumed; in gardens naturestrips, railway easements, football ovals and sportsgrounds (there won’t be time, in the hard grind of self-sufficiency, for sport as we do it now). I think a city like Melbourne could grow all the food it needs eventually. Nature will take us there.

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