Waiting… Waiting…

I have nothing to say. I am simply waiting for the next 'Act' in the global pantomime to begin. December 25 seems to be a reasonable day for it, but that is just conjecture - and perhaps a (not so) secret hope. Meanwhile, those who have to make a daily offering to the god of... Continue Reading →

Hear, Hear! See, See! Maria Zakharova

Just reblogging a worthy tribute by Andrei Martyanov to one of Russia's greatest assets. I couldn't agree more, though any words are an insufficient conveyance. Bless you, Maria. On Projecting. Thanks to Johnny Rotten who posted this photo in previous post. Talk about projecting and radiating. Maria looks more than just attractive here, she look... Continue Reading →

Why a New Europe Must Evolve

"The European 31 has a choice to make: Live under the transatlantic jackboot, stamped on its face from 3,000 miles away, or choose liberation and sovereignty." From 'After the Ukraine Is Over, Many a European Heart is Aching' - Batiushka - the Saker blog - December 13, 2022 I wish I could make this Batiushka... Continue Reading →

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