Waiting… Waiting…

I have nothing to say. I am simply waiting for the next ‘Act’ in the global pantomime to begin. December 25 seems to be a reasonable day for it, but that is just conjecture – and perhaps a (not so) secret hope.

Meanwhile, those who have to make a daily offering to the god of the media collective (social or otherwise), or the guiding spirit of blogs, continue to churn out their reports, conjectures and personal intimations as though the world would stop if they didn’t. But it is all to no avail. I would be among them of course if I didn’t have some inkling of the importance of the awaited moment …an inkling that nudges to the corner of irrelevance the thought that anything else matters just now.

I started a few stories but quickly dumped them and didn’t even begin many others which at any other moment in time may have eventually seen the light of day. Here’s a few examples which have now added, in recent days, to my growing pile of never-to-be-published junk posts…

And so, I have a dilemma. I continue to read, and muse, and ponder, all that goes on in the world – or at least the small portion of it that comes my way and grabs my attention. What to do when something I read shouts out to be repeated and spread?

Well, the answer is that in this case – just a short time ago – I decide to make an exception, and showcase it here. You see, nothing has really changed. The same things that mattered before, still matter now – and will continue to matter until something (perhaps the awaited moment) arrives to change that.

This article by William Schryver (not a frequent writer, but when he does…), ‘In For A Pound’ – on his imetatronink blog – is a case in point. Please read…

‘In For A Pound’ – imetatronink.

Since late 2021 and throughout 2022, I have continuously and unwaveringly maintained, on this blog, the steadfastness of Russian intent to finish the job they started – way back to at least 2014 and perhaps earlier but certainly in the conditions they laid out in December 2021, to establish and secure Russian sovereignty by whatever means necessary – and for always – by limiting and preventing the threat of NATO expansionism. This, the ending of unipolar militarism and imperialism of the west, was always to be just part of a much bolder plan to initiate and establish a more beneficial and cooperative world, free from western aggression and US hegemony.

Mr Schryver obviously agrees and is also, presumably, now waiting… waiting…

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