Hear, Hear! See, See! Maria Zakharova

Just reblogging a worthy tribute by Andrei Martyanov to one of Russia’s greatest assets. I couldn’t agree more, though any words are an insufficient conveyance. Bless you, Maria.

On Projecting.

Thanks to Johnny Rotten who posted this photo in previous post. Talk about projecting and radiating. Maria looks more than just attractive here, she look regal. 

I am 100% positive that she knows how many eyes around the world are looking at her. She projects Russia who in Russian language is her, Russia is a feminine entity. This is a concentrated representation of a soft power–a deadly combination of brains, attractiveness and femininity. Just wanted to point this out, especially against the background of bacchanalia in the West designed to “re-invent” the beauty and femininity by extolling ugliness as a virtue. One cannot buy class, one has to be born to it.

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